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The Girl Who Ate All the Pies

7 May
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  • cocoachupacabra@livejournal.com
About me? I have no idea what to write!

CocoaChupacabra is: a 27 year old softie, with a wicked (described by some as dark) sence of humor and an addiction to nude coloured nail varnish. She loves to go bowling or hiking and is hoping to add airsoft to her list of hobbys once the weather has warmed up a bit. Cocoa hates cold weather and being cold, her favourite seasons are Summer and Autumn, her favourite month is October, her favourite holiday is Halloween. Her favourite sports are rugby and wrestling (because football sucks balls!), her fave rugby teams are England and Wales, her fave wrestlers are the Undertaker, Kane and Batista. Cocoa likes most people and isn't judgemental, unless the person she's dealing with is homophobic/racist/a woman hater/a HHH fan/a total arse-hat! She likes kittens, rats and heavy metal. She's not too keen on spiders and confrontation. CocoaChuacabra started her LJ as a diet journal, hoping to gain some support as she loses weight after the dreaded Year of the Take-Away but it has since de-evolved into randomness with occasional diety happenings and a sprinkling of chaos.

CocoaChupacabra is not: a creepy crypto-beastie that will suck all of the blood out of your goats, but chuck her a cadbreys cream egg and you'll see where the name comes from!

WARNING: this journal may contain chaos, stupidity, bad jokes, wrestling, references to "the good old days", cooking tips and swearing. It does not contain any artificial preservatives or e-numbers.

▄▄▄▄▄██████████████▀ spread the fail whale